& baby makes 5


Hey Everyone, can’t believe it’s been about a year since my last post and ironically this post is somewhat the same. A lot has happened in a year. For starters we had another baby yup baby number 3 and I’m writing this because many of my friends and followers on social media are convinced that we will have another baby soon, but unfortunately that is not the case this last time around.

As much as I love my babies and love being pregnant and would love to keep giving our kids more sibling I just can’t, my body can’t. I feel blessed that my body was even able to carry 3 babies.

So lets rewind back to March 2016…

Our second son Jace was only 6 months old when we found out that I was expecting again. Total shocker since we thought we were done having babies. I was getting ready to go on a road trip with my two boys to Miami to visit family and of course a couple weeks back I still had not gotten my monthly friend, lol so that morning my husband was like just take it to have a piece of mind while you’re gone. Well sure enough I took the test and bam written nice and clear POSITIVE my mouth dropped, I came out the bathroom and once again Bill knew it was positive (my face always gives it away, lol)  We both knew that moment we were having another baby there was never a doubt in that.


{Our announcement} img_4763

When we found out that our second baby was another boy we were over the moon. We were so happy that we were giving our oldest a brother to grow with and bond with, but in the back of my mind I didn’t feel like our family was “complete” as people say when they know their family is a whole. I felt more fulfilled and even though I knew(well I thought I did until I got pregnant) that Jace was going to be our last baby I just didn’t feel complete. I felt like something or someone was missing in our family to actually complete us(if that makes sense to you) I just felt in my heart that maybe we were meant to have another baby, a girl to make our family whole, but just didn’t think that would really happen. well now that I knew baby number 3 was coming I was convinced I was going to have another boy and honestly I was OK with that. I was ready to take that role of boy mom. I was ready and learning to accept the fact that I was going to be the only girl in my family.

Fast forward to 17 weeks pregnant and about to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. We did a gender reveal photo shoot with the talented and friend of mine Rachel owner of RachelVPhotography.com here in Orlando, Florida. Anxious, excited, nervous for what our gender reveal was about to be… Then boom PINK powder EVERYWHERE. I was so confused and I couldn’t see the actual color that was surrounding all over us. All I saw was Bill’s face with a huge smile and the kids covered in powder. Still unsure Bill threw the remaining powder at me to and then it hit me WE’RE HAVING A GIRL and the tears started to come down and I loved that at that moment our emotions were being photographed and I was always have these moments forever.




rachel-v-photography_hunt_gender-reveal-7-12-16-40As all pregnancies this one was just as different as the last one. I experienced almost everything the opposite as my last one. With our girl I got really bad skin from red spots to dry skin (Not cute at all, lol) I also had a bad stuffy nose and not just for a few days this went on for weeks and weeks definitely not fun at all, but I knew it would all go away and the best reward would come out of all this…our baby girl.

Now the good(well not so good, but the purpose of this post to begin with)

We were scheduled for December 13, 2016 at 9am to have our girl. That morning came and we were up and out of our house by 6am. Thank god for my family that came from Miami to help. They stayed with the boys while we were in surgery, they came later on that day. We were then called  in and they start to prepare me, put my name tags on, change my clothes into those gorgeous gowns, lol then the best part. Needles. I’m then connected to the monitor to keep track of baby girl and make sure everything is going good on her end. Epidural comes next and last. We wait till I’m numb which for the first time took forever. About 20 minutes later and I was ready to go.


8:58am. It is now go time. Bill and I are ready and heading to the OR. Oxygen tube is in place and we’re ready to bring baby girl into the world. As I laid there I felt some pressure not much. Some time in between them starting and before she came my two doctors that were working on me asked to call in one of my other doctors.  Not knowing what was happening I heard them say “We need Dr. Ortiz in here now we need another pair of hands” I started to get nervous, but kept myself calm because I saw Bill’s face he looked worried, but was trying to keep his cool for me. We fed off each other and somehow managed to calm each other done. Dr. Ortiz then came in she jumped right in and started to help. I kept hearing all 3 doctors talking but couldn’t clearly make out what they were saying all I know was that Dr. Ortiz kept looking over the curtain that they put up when you have a C-section and said to us ” No more babies mommy, that’s it you are done you cant/shouldn’t have more babies” not knowing what she meant with that Bill and I were jut like no we’re done we got our girl we’re happy and DONE! This was when I knew something was up and not with the baby but with me.. She kept coming over the curtain and kept repeating herself that this was it I was to not have anymore babies.. At that point I looked at Bill and he looked pale. I came to realize reason he was getting pale was because he was smelling burn skin, my skin!

At 9:39am we welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Joyana pronounced Joy-Ana Catherine weighing 8lbs 6oz 21ins of pure love. It was the happiest moment to know she was out and OK. Bill kept going back an forth between the both of us until they brought her to me and put her on my chest for some skin to skin time while they basically put me back together.


10:51am and they were finally done. Now if you ask me that’s a LONG time in the OR for a C-section. I’ve had 2 before this one and they both had lasted no more than 45 minutes or so. SO you do the math in how long I was in there. Recovery went well and I was out of the hospital 2 days later.

Fast forward to my one week postpartum appointment and I see one of the doctors that delivered Joyana. She walks in and says “how you doing” and shakes her head like wow cant believe what we went through with you. I say I’m fine just very sore as if I did a million sit-ups, lol. She then went on to tell me how they do not understand how my baby was able to stay in my uterus the whole pregnancy. My mouth then dropped and I asked her to explain to me what the hell happened in there. She then told me my uterus is done and that I can’t get pregnant again. I have a hole in my uterus on one side and on the other side I have a small window where the wall of my uterus is very thin which means it could also rip there if I was to get pregnant again and on top of that I had a lot of scarred tissue which makes sense why I felt like I had done a million sit-ups. I had so much scar tissue that when they went in to get her they had to burn (hence the smell of burn skin) a lot of that skin and on top of that I kept bleeding in different areas in there which they also had to burn to shut it close reason why they needed another set of hands. I was bleeding in different areas at the same time. My doctors did not understand how she was not hanging outside of my uterus.. They said it was a miracle she stayed in my uterus the whole pregnancy because she could have easily been in my abdomen. I was in total shock hearing all this. Bill and I just kept looking at each other. I wanted to cry at that moment. This was the reason why they kept telling me NO MORE BABIES during surgery! My uterus might not be able to handle another pregnancy. It’s not safe for me or the baby. Nothing is wrong with me getting pregnant it’s my uterus that might not be able to handle it and it could not end up well for either me or the baby. So on that note for those asking if we will have more the answer is unfortunately nope, but I must say as much as I love pregnancy I’m very happy, content, and feel like my family is now completed thanks to our precious girl Joyana Catherine.

Until next post. Love you all.

xoxo Jessica

My life these days..



Wow I can’t believe it will be a year since my last blog post and boy SO much has happened since!! For starters we had our second baby BOY! Yes another boy. I am now as people say on Instagram a #boymom It is truly the best. I think my purpose in life was to be a mother to our 2 amazing little boys and give them the best childhood ever! Well that’s my plan..


On that note for those of you that don’t follow me on Instagram his name is Jace and he’s 5 months old(boy does time fly. Right?!) He is so loved not only by us, his mommy & daddy of course, but his big brother Billy!! Billy can not get enough of him! He wants to spend every minute of everyday with him. Every night as I put him to bed he tells me “mommy I’m mad” and I say why Billy? What happened? He says “I’m mad because I don’t think I spent enough time with my baby brother” I’m like Billy you spent the WHOLE day with him. He then goes off to tell me “why do the days go by so fast?” Wow its crazy how a 4 year old absorbs and listens to everything you say on a daily basis.. He is such a smart young boy and I still cant believe this fall our first baby will be starting Kindergarten, but that’s another blog post.

Billy has been the best with Jace and it warms my heart so much. I’m so proud of the little boy he’s becoming. Yet sucks how fast he’s growing..


This blog was supposed to go a totally different direction, but instead I’m catching myself writing about our boys.. I mean it has been almost a year right and I’m pretty sure you want to know what has actually been happening in my life, beside the random pictures on Instagram. It sure has been life changing getting used to two kids and trying to figure everything out. I do thank God everyday that I have a spouse who is home with me everyday to help me out with the boys. I’m sure I would have figured it out if he did have a job, but I must say I am pretty much spoiled in every sense. He helps me out so much its crazy. I ask myself everyday how did I get so lucky to have someone who not only puts up with me everyday, but who still through it all loves me unconditional. He’s the best daddy and I thank God he gave me the best partner to walk through this crazy life with.


I did want to start off this blog about my/our love for Disney and how much it’s become a part of our everyday living, but I figured I would first let you in on a BIG piece of my life and where I’ve been this past year. For now I’ll leave you with a few more pictures that I never shared with you all on Instagram, well for all those that do follow me and for those that don’t and just happen to come across my blog.. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

IMG_5582IMG_2273 IMG_2261IMG_2280IMG_2299


I hope you enjoyed these personal, beautiful(to me, lol), I cherish with all my heart pictures. Until next blog post, which will be VERY soon and will be more fun with new and exciting plans I have. Remember it has to do with Disney 🙂




Christmas Trees for dayssss



Hey guys happy weekend! Funny what my weekends have become since becoming a mom and for starters I LOVE IT:) I seriously wouldn’t change this for the world! I feel that there is a time and place for everything in this beautiful life and I feel that my timing in becoming a mommy couldn’t have been more prefect.  Anyway enough about that and lets get to the fun part!!!OMA

Yesterday was a good day. We went to the Orlando Museum of Art for the Festival of Trees: ‘Tis the Season and it was BEAUTIFUL!  Billy was in Christmas tree HEAVEN and not to throw this in there, but ahhh motherhood is such a joy(Insert sarcasm here) lol, but no really it is..to a certain extend. LOL! I don’t know how many times I told Billy yesterday “DO NOT TOUCH” oh my, but I mean who am I kidding right? Taking a 3(THREE) year old to a Museum! For the most part, heck majority of the time he was a good boy. Just like any 3 year old they want to explore and I mean we cant blame them. Any who after a dozen times he got it!! LOL!! We were smooth sailing after that. Lets get to the fun part.. The Festival of TREESSS. OMA5OMA3OMA4

Yes they even have a Frozen tree! How could they not?! Right?! LOL!!

Back to our day at the Museum. The day was prefect here in #Orlando yesterday. Weather was low 70’s so you know that’s good weather for the sunshine state, lol. Billy had a great time, even though he couldn’t touch much he still had a great time. They had these weird statue men outside the Museum standing in different position and it was hilarious Billy trying to mimic them. OMA7OMA6OMA2










BTW The status had scarfs on when we left the Museum 😕 They get cold at night… 🙂OMA8They have a whole room showcase of Gingerbread houses…Super cute. Small ones, medium ones, big ones and I mean BIG! I was amazed with how BIG and pretty they were. OMG I can’t even do one for those kits from Target lmao!! I can’t image how long each of these took and not to mention the PATIENCE!! Once again Billy was in love with them and wanted to eat them.(Lord NOT getting into that!) Lets just say thank god for the ladies in the craft room who gave Billy candy and he was happy! I found out he likes Twizzle & Candy Canes(which he didn’t like last Christmas, lol) He was happy and that’s ALL I cared about!

He got to color holiday pictures, play with the Building Blocks, and even did an “Eye Spy Tree”  activity which consisted of looking for hidden objects given to us on a list. Over all it was a success OMA14 OMA15OMA16

We had lunch at their café and boy was it fancy in there, lol.  I loved it!  It was a beautiful room with amazing small details. I’m all about details. The tables were decorated very nice and Christmassy(if that’s a word, lol) We had the yummiest Tomato Basil Bisque soup and a large cookie and very affordable for those on a budget. Not to mention the entrance is $10 and kids 3 and up are $6OMA17If you are in Orlando weather its visiting or live here and haven’t gone to the Orlando Museum of Art do so! The festival of the Trees is only a short event during the holiday season but so worth visiting. They also had the AMAZING display from Ethan Allen and OMG I wanted EVERYTHING in there for our living room!! And of course the gift shop. You cant go places and NOT visit the shops 😛 lol . Lets not talk about the wall//narrow room of wreaths!! They were beautiful and a million different designs to say the least! OMA22OMA20

Well I hope you all enjoyed my post about our day at the Museum and if you have ANY questions please feel free to leave me a comment. I will leave you all with a few more pictures from our day at the museum. See y’all on the next blog.