My life these days..



Wow I can’t believe it will be a year since my last blog post and boy SO much has happened since!! For starters we had our second baby BOY! Yes another boy. I am now as people say on Instagram a #boymom It is truly the best. I think my purpose in life was to be a mother to our 2 amazing little boys and give them the best childhood ever! Well that’s my plan..


On that note for those of you that don’t follow me on Instagram his name is Jace and he’s 5 months old(boy does time fly. Right?!) He is so loved not only by us, his mommy & daddy of course, but his big brother Billy!! Billy can not get enough of him! He wants to spend every minute of everyday with him. Every night as I put him to bed he tells me “mommy I’m mad” and I say why Billy? What happened? He says “I’m mad because I don’t think I spent enough time with my baby brother” I’m like Billy you spent the WHOLE day with him. He then goes off to tell me “why do the days go by so fast?” Wow its crazy how a 4 year old absorbs and listens to everything you say on a daily basis.. He is such a smart young boy and I still cant believe this fall our first baby will be starting Kindergarten, but that’s another blog post.

Billy has been the best with Jace and it warms my heart so much. I’m so proud of the little boy he’s becoming. Yet sucks how fast he’s growing..


This blog was supposed to go a totally different direction, but instead I’m catching myself writing about our boys.. I mean it has been almost a year right and I’m pretty sure you want to know what has actually been happening in my life, beside the random pictures on Instagram. It sure has been life changing getting used to two kids and trying to figure everything out. I do thank God everyday that I have a spouse who is home with me everyday to help me out with the boys. I’m sure I would have figured it out if he did have a job, but I must say I am pretty much spoiled in every sense. He helps me out so much its crazy. I ask myself everyday how did I get so lucky to have someone who not only puts up with me everyday, but who still through it all loves me unconditional. He’s the best daddy and I thank God he gave me the best partner to walk through this crazy life with.


I did want to start off this blog about my/our love for Disney and how much it’s become a part of our everyday living, but I figured I would first let you in on a BIG piece of my life and where I’ve been this past year. For now I’ll leave you with a few more pictures that I never shared with you all on Instagram, well for all those that do follow me and for those that don’t and just happen to come across my blog.. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

IMG_5582IMG_2273 IMG_2261IMG_2280IMG_2299


I hope you enjoyed these personal, beautiful(to me, lol), I cherish with all my heart pictures. Until next blog post, which will be VERY soon and will be more fun with new and exciting plans I have. Remember it has to do with Disney 🙂




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