Valentine’s Big Brother Announcement

Wow where do I begin.. I’ve been MIA since I started my blog a few months back. So much has happened since. For starters Christmas & New Years came and went and now we’re here ending of Feb and Valentine’s just passed about 2 weeks and I shared some exciting new with social media this past weekend.

It all started on New Years Day when I knew something was up with my body. For us women(some not all) are very in tuned with our bodies (I know I am since having our son) and I was telling my hub something is up I still have not gotten my womanly monthly thing so hub suggest I take a home pregnancy test. Nervous as I was and I KNEW what the test would say I said ok I’ll take one tomorrow which will be Friday. I knew if I didn’t I would have a weekend of drinking beers with hub and I KNEW I couldn’t do that to myself because of course I KNOW my intuition was right.. Well the next day came and we had people coming over to do some work on our home that morning. So Bill woke up first went downstairs and greeted the worker that was coming to work on our oven as I stayed upstairs in bed knowing I had to get up and go to the bathroom. Little Billy was still sleeping. So I got up went to the bathroom did my thing and waited and waited what seemed like a lifetime which was only in reality 2 mins, lol then BAM I looked down and the words “PREGNANT” read across the test. My eyes swelled with tears as I read it over and over and over.. I was SO happy I looked at myself in the mirror as I gather my thoughts as to how or what I was going to say to Bill. Billy then woke up I put myself together and went into his room. Said good morning my love and started to cry again. He looked at me and said “mommy why are you crying?! I’m here to protect you” (he always tells me that when I cry, happy tears of course. I’m a big sucker for sad movies, sad commercials etc.) any who I right away told him Billy you’re going to be a big brother and he said yes mommy you have a baby in the tummy(It’s as if he’s known or been wishing for this day since he started asking me for a brother or sis). I said yes honey mommy now has a baby in there and since then he always kisses my belly, almost every single day.

pregnancy test2
So now we get ready to go downstairs and it’s time to tell daddy. I know I know I told lil Billy first, but I couldn’t help it he was the first one I saw right after and just looking at him I couldn’t hold back my tears of joy. As I go down the stairs I hear Bill with the repair guy and I’m like damn I can’t tell him yet not with workers in our home, lol. I’m trying to hide my happiness as soon as I turn the corner into the kitchen he looks at me and said “you took it huh” lol I guess my permanent smile sold me and he said “I knew it” lol we hugged and I cried again, lol the repair man at the point had no clue and he was almost done. He left we all hugged and I cried again then it began…

Morning, noon and night sickness has begun! Wow let me just say that my first pregnancy was not I repeat was not nowhere near what I’ve gone through this pregnancy. I wouldn’t change it for the WORLD, but oh lord it’s been horrible. Again I wouldn’t  change it for anything. Being pregnant is a blessing on its own and I know it will pass and it’s just the first trimester. I can get through it and I will. Having the most amazing man in the world also helps A LOT! I can not thank him enough for all that he’s done and still doing since I’m still in my first trimester. I have not done ANYTHING in our home and I’m not lying when I say I haven’t! I’ve had NO energy to do anything even be with my boy which kills me since we went from doing something each and every day to NOTHING at all! He’s the best little boy I tell you. If it was up to him he would sit//lay right next to me and take care of me and being a homebody helps a lot. He LOVES his house and that makes us happy to know how much he loves it and it also makes us crazy sometimes cause it takes us FOREVER sometimes to get him out the house.

So we discussed when to announce this pregnancy. I thought about what holiday was coming next and of course it was Valentine’s after that it’s St. Patrick’s and I felt kind of silly doing it on a drinking holiday, lol. So we opted for Valentine’s even tho I would be almost 3 months by Valentine’s (about a week and 1/2 early) and still kind of undeceive if I should or shouldn’t. Well between my mom and my hub I went along with it and decided to go to Etsy and buy a “Big Brother” announcement image and get started on our DIY project and of course off to my favorite Bow Tie site ( I went and purchase Billy a Valentine’s bow tie. Billy was so happy as he’s been since the day we found out, to make this sign with us. Well it turned out great and we fell in love even MORE with the sign and the thought of a new baby coming into our lives.

February 14th came and it was picture time. We got Billy dressed, got my Canon got the dog and off to our backyard we went to do a mini photo shoot and then to the front of the house to take some more pictures of our handsome boy and his big brother sign and lets just say out of 100 we got about a hand full of good ones, but that’s all it takes right? Just to get that one good shot, lol. Here are a few photos from that day. Hope you enjoy them.



The weeks are flying and I’m starting to feel better (Thank God) I’m just feeling nauseous in the evening more now. I feel good during the day but around 4 it starts to go down hill again. Still very much tired and want to sleep all day, but now it sucks cause if I take a nap I wake up extremely sick and nauseous and my naps consist of 3+ hours, lol so that means I’m waking up right before dinner and I’m so sick I can hardly eat but know I have to to make myself feel better. It’s been difficult, but once again I know well worth EVERY pain and never taking all these little bumps on the road for granted.

I’m now 12 weeks and 3 day and can’t believe how fast I’m showing this time around. I know most of it is bloat but still the thought of how faster I’m showing the second time around amazes me and the most fascinating part is little Billy and the love he has for my belly. For example last night before bedtime he looked at my belly and got the giggles at how “big” it looked. All he did was hug it, rub it and talk to it and tell him or her (which he says it’s a her) was how much he loves it and all the fun they’re going to have together. Melts my heart. On that note I will leave you all with that thought. Until next blog post❤️

Love always Jess

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