Christmas Trees for dayssss



Hey guys happy weekend! Funny what my weekends have become since becoming a mom and for starters I LOVE IT:) I seriously wouldn’t change this for the world! I feel that there is a time and place for everything in this beautiful life and I feel that my timing in becoming a mommy couldn’t have been more prefect.  Anyway enough about that and lets get to the fun part!!!OMA

Yesterday was a good day. We went to the Orlando Museum of Art for the Festival of Trees: ‘Tis the Season and it was BEAUTIFUL!  Billy was in Christmas tree HEAVEN and not to throw this in there, but ahhh motherhood is such a joy(Insert sarcasm here) lol, but no really it a certain extend. LOL! I don’t know how many times I told Billy yesterday “DO NOT TOUCH” oh my, but I mean who am I kidding right? Taking a 3(THREE) year old to a Museum! For the most part, heck majority of the time he was a good boy. Just like any 3 year old they want to explore and I mean we cant blame them. Any who after a dozen times he got it!! LOL!! We were smooth sailing after that. Lets get to the fun part.. The Festival of TREESSS. OMA5OMA3OMA4

Yes they even have a Frozen tree! How could they not?! Right?! LOL!!

Back to our day at the Museum. The day was prefect here in #Orlando yesterday. Weather was low 70’s so you know that’s good weather for the sunshine state, lol. Billy had a great time, even though he couldn’t touch much he still had a great time. They had these weird statue men outside the Museum standing in different position and it was hilarious Billy trying to mimic them. OMA7OMA6OMA2










BTW The status had scarfs on when we left the Museum 😕 They get cold at night… 🙂OMA8They have a whole room showcase of Gingerbread houses…Super cute. Small ones, medium ones, big ones and I mean BIG! I was amazed with how BIG and pretty they were. OMG I can’t even do one for those kits from Target lmao!! I can’t image how long each of these took and not to mention the PATIENCE!! Once again Billy was in love with them and wanted to eat them.(Lord NOT getting into that!) Lets just say thank god for the ladies in the craft room who gave Billy candy and he was happy! I found out he likes Twizzle & Candy Canes(which he didn’t like last Christmas, lol) He was happy and that’s ALL I cared about!

He got to color holiday pictures, play with the Building Blocks, and even did an “Eye Spy Tree”  activity which consisted of looking for hidden objects given to us on a list. Over all it was a success OMA14 OMA15OMA16

We had lunch at their café and boy was it fancy in there, lol.  I loved it!  It was a beautiful room with amazing small details. I’m all about details. The tables were decorated very nice and Christmassy(if that’s a word, lol) We had the yummiest Tomato Basil Bisque soup and a large cookie and very affordable for those on a budget. Not to mention the entrance is $10 and kids 3 and up are $6OMA17If you are in Orlando weather its visiting or live here and haven’t gone to the Orlando Museum of Art do so! The festival of the Trees is only a short event during the holiday season but so worth visiting. They also had the AMAZING display from Ethan Allen and OMG I wanted EVERYTHING in there for our living room!! And of course the gift shop. You cant go places and NOT visit the shops 😛 lol . Lets not talk about the wall//narrow room of wreaths!! They were beautiful and a million different designs to say the least! OMA22OMA20

Well I hope you all enjoyed my post about our day at the Museum and if you have ANY questions please feel free to leave me a comment. I will leave you all with a few more pictures from our day at the museum. See y’all on the next blog.





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