And then the preppy came outta her…in him!

IMG_5423So I would say about almost 2 years ago I found this little shop on IG called Little Mr. Ties @littleMrties is the IG account shop & her site is   This bow tie company is AH-MAZ-ING! I have nothing but great things to say about this shop! The bow ties themselves are the cutest and not to mention they do not I repeat DO NOT go around the neck(and in my opinion SAFE for kids) which is why I praise this shop. Her bow ties are a unique design that are so easy to wear especially with babies since it doesn’t go around the neck and it actually doesn’t bother them. It’s a button on bow tie. Yup you read right. They are very comfortable because they don’t have a metal clip and stay on well! Now you see why these bow ties are amazing( I will post some pictures so you can visualize what I’m talking about)They attach to basically any shirt that has a button.

There are so many different patterns you simply just want them ALL, lol and not the mention she even does organic bow ties now{HEAVEN} and for the price even more it makes you want them. Under $20 and that’s with S&H included. I’m telling you its a win win situation. The best part about these bow ties are that you don’t have to put them on your kids//grandsons//nephews on only “special occasion” they are so comfortable you could put them on just to show your kids everyday fashion.IMG_5928

My son Billy LOVES all his bow ties so much that if it were up to him he would wear one with his pajamas, lol!  Again they are so simple yet amazing! I have yet had my son ever want to take his off wherever we go. I think he sometimes even forgets he has one on, but isn’t that the best part for us adults, a baby//toddler//or kid who doesn’t want to rip his bow tie off right before pictures with the Easter Bunny or Santa right?! Right!  Well I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed talking//writing about it and helped out in any way for future occasions//photo shoots or just everyday fashion.



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