What Better way to start my FIRST post than with “Famous on Instagram” shirt..

Hello World. So being that this is my very first post and I am kind of nervous, but I mean it’s just a blog post right?! Wrong! This isn’t your regular post well maybe it is, lol but I figured since my blog will be mainly about promoting//advertise//support shops on(and of course off) instagram and also a peek into our everyday life. So I figure why not make my first post about one of the many favorite outfits I styled my son in recently.“Famous on Instagram” shirt was purchased from an IG(Instagram) shop @fitspirationcouture (www.fitspirationcouture.com) this shop is a really cool fun modern designs and not to mention fun bright colors. It is owned by two friends who are fit moms who help//motivate others to love the meaning of working out and feel better about themselves! Now ladies don’t worry they even make tanks// tee//bottoms// headbands and lots more for us as well.

This is Billy he is my little model also known as my son, my world, but you all will figure that out as the time passes and you start to see more and more of him, lol! Billy is 3 years old and a little too advanced for his age (in my opinion) and everyone else 🙂 Anyhow back to his #ootd (Outfit Of The Day) you will notice throughout my blogs I LOVE hash tags!! I use them a lot and I mean A LOT! #lol! Back to my little model as for his shorts they are from Osh Kosh B’Gosh along with the socks from Ralph Lauren and sneakers from Adidas

This was about a couple weeks ago. I call Billy my little partner in crime. He does everything with me  and I truly enjoy each and every minute with him. These pictures were taken by me of course with my iPhone 5S. Most of the pictures I will be posting here on my blog will mainly be from my Canon EOS Rebel T3i with the occasional iPhone picture.  I became a “photographer” the day our son was born, lol!! These pictures were taken in our community by our mail room. Billy loves all the roses on the walkway to the pool/ mail room area, but knows that they are filled with many thorns so he knows not touch them but loves them so much and always wishes he could grab one for me. Blessed with such a sweet boy!

Well I hope you all in some way or form found my first blog post fun, informative, interesting, interested in what’s to come, and most importantly not boring! LOL! and worth wanting to come back to.



One thought on “What Better way to start my FIRST post than with “Famous on Instagram” shirt..

  1. I love it doll!!!! It’s so nice to read a little more about you and lovely Billy boy. I can totally relate to your love to your son, it’s something that a father will never understand. God bless you love!!!

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